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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Would your children value your treasures?

Every day we're getting reports of individuals who tell us, "my kids would sell all of this stuff at a garage sale - they have no idea what it is worth!" Asked if the collectibles, antiques, art or sculptures have been inventoried, appraised and insured, the answer is usually "no - we've never taken the time to do that."

While our estate maintenance and organization business at Around the Home was founded on the notion that executors, powers of attorney, conservators and trustees needed assistance with maintaining property, dealing with auctioneers and appraisers, packing, storing and shipping personal property and organization of clutter to prepare estate homes for sale, we're now finding that our expertise is being sought out by individuals as they begin to plan their own estates.

We can help locate appraisers for your treasured items, help create inventories and document your history of family pieces for future generations. Don't let the things you've spent a lifetime accumulating be sold at a garage sale for pennies, or worse... tossed into a dumpster!

Around the Home offers free estimates. Contact us today to begin documenting the history and value of your treasured possessions. Email Kurt or call (517) 242-9717.

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